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What Does Pizza Biz Complete Course Contain?


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The Blueprint

The Step-By- Step Blueprint is 24 pages of pure step-by-step complete instructions for you to get started immediately. The blueprint is divided into 8 chapters, each designed to walk you through every step of Pizza Box Money which will guide you towards being successful in this business.


The Documents

The documents included contain 3 ready-to-use business documents, categorized into the following sections:

Chapters such as:                   

• Getting the Pizza Restaurants 

• How to Contact Merchants

• Getting Paid

• Outsourcing

• Completion and Delivery

• Advertisers agreement

• Pizza shop agreement

• Independent Contractor/ Non-Compete form

• Two actual demos

• Rebuttal's and Objections

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BAD NEWS We Will Only Offer This Offer For The First 200 People

…then it's gone! This Offer Is Limited

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