Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Why would the Pizza Merchant agree to have other businesses advertise on his Pizza Boxes?

A) Because he get's his ad and coupons for free!

Q) What does he benefit since his business is already advertised on the box?

A) He is not already on his box. Pizza places unless they are big brand names i.e. pizza hit, Dominoes don't normally have their Pizza restaurant name on their boxes.

Q ) Even though the Pizza Merchant gets a Free $290.00 ad, usually many Pizza Merchants have their own advertisement (printed on box or stapled flyers and coupons) on the Pizza Boxes.

A)Not that many do have an ad or flier on their box and if they do THEY paid for it. We offer it for free. Also their ad is much bigger than a single or double ad.

Q) How many pages in manual?

A) There are 27 pages in the blueprint.

Q)When you say that most people keep them on the fridge are you talking about holding up with magnets? The reason I ask is that most fridges nowadays are stainless steel, & magnets don’t work.

A) Yes, We have done polls and studies and the majority of home owners still have Non stainless steel refrigerators.